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burning sensation on my breastbone

Hi Everyone

Haven't been posting allot lately been doing good and just felt so positive well new annoying symptom's arising but I will always stay positive and trust God.

Back to the new symptoms...lately I get these very intense burning pressure on my breastbone especially when I lay down or if its bed time. I also feel this deep burn in my left side of chest like its in my breast and shoots right through my back hen left arm pain and burning sensation...Last night I could not fall asleep with this burning coal feeling on my breast bone got me so scared. I thought maybe its been heartburn causing it so I drank some baking soda funny enough it did help and I fell asleep. I did the colon camera and also swallowed a camera in 2013 they said I suffer with IBS but no acid reflux so now I just don't know. I also find that I tend to burp allot. The burning sensations and arm pains is just so hectic not even to mention the shoulder blade pain feels like a pinched nerve but the thing is it changes from left to right so it cant be that

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Google costochondritis I have it and it sounds similar worth mentioning to your doctor


Really do you get all these symptoms


Firstly dont google sympthoms its what causes my downfall and attacks as I imagine I have all those horrific sicknesses, Its most probaly gas, hope u feeling better

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Im a googleholic so trust me i know how you feel on that subject


Ahh my bad didn't mean to come across as Dr Google I just mean to see if it sounds similar to what you are experiencing so that you could maybe mention it to your gp to further benefit your diagnosis

Just speaking from experience and that was what my issue was from where I had torn the muscle on my breastbone/sternum which caused inflammation of the muscle and can take some time to heal apparently because that muscle is used quite a lot in daily activities

But yeah don't rely on google for more serious symptoms as it is a sure fire way to trigger anxiety which is not what you want trust me

All the best hope your well feel free to send me a message if need be


Dont stress curtis no worries. We all i believe have a problem when it comes to googling our symptoms you dont want to but cant seem to stop crazy addicition


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