Hi everyone I hate feeling disconnected from my mind and body it's driving me crazy I can't think anymore I feel like I'm floating when I'm walking and sitting down when someone is talking to me I feel that they are not talking to me my vision is weird now when I'm looking at things it doesn't seem like I'm looking at them when I'm touching things I can't feel myself really touching them when I'm doing things I forget I always ask myself did I just do that already like I have memory loss or something when I'm talking it doesn't seem like that's me talking when I'm looking in the mirror it doesn't seem like it's me in the mirror I feel completely lost I just don't enjoy anything nomore I feel I don't have thoughts in my head I feel I'm gonna float away my balance is off when I'm standing it feel like I'm gonna fall out I feel I'm losing my mind my body goes numb I have to check my pulse to see if I'm alive I am going crazy my life doesn't seem real anymore


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  • I'm so sorry I know exactly how you feel unfortunately 😥 I don't feel real much of the time and have a lot of the symptoms you have plus some. I pray you find peace and feel better. I've also been sick for over a week which doesn't help. I worked all week too. Feelin like I can't catch a break to get well. Take care of yourself and know there are plenty of us who can relate and care 🌷

  • I hate this feeling 😞 I just want it to go away

  • I hate this feeling 😔 I just want it to go away

  • Hello, I personally went through this.. It's much better now but it took some research and life changes. I also felt EXACTLY what you describe , this is your anxiety at its peek. I recommend a multivitamin, b complex vitamin as well Magnesium 500 mg and b/6 vitamin. This is my potion which has helped me a great deal. Every night before you go to bed as vitamins work better when you sleep. Consulting with your doctor about the vitamins is suggested. I also drink a Cammomile tea every night before bed. This has been my saving grace besides prayer. I wish you all the best and let us know how your making out. 😃

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