Called 111 non emergency today. Please someone help?

Today I had my hair done by a training hairstylist. I had my hair washed at a basin and my neck wasn't positioned correctly and it was really hurting. I read that you can have a stoke due to that so I was panicking like crazy. I still am! I called NHS 111 service to ask for advice. They told me that it wouldn't cause a stroke but could have caused a little injury. They said it's more likely to happen to someone older. I'm still really worried after the stories I've been told about salon strokes and the things I have read about it. If anyone has any advice. Should I be worrying? Do the NHS not know about it? Do they think it's silly and haven't listened to me? 

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  • Hello

    Of course the NHS know what they are on about they are trained professionals !

    This has happened to me before and it does hurt but I am still here and it has not caused a stroke and where you have read that it could cause one I am not sure in all my years this is a new one to me !

    It could have pulled a little muscle at the most and all will be fine :-)

    How is your hair , do you like it , have you had anything different done , style color ?

    Try and enjoy your hair cut or whatever you have had done and put these thoughts down , grrr anxiety it tries to stop us enjoying anything that should be a pleasure but let it know you are not going to listen :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hey thank you for your response, your responses always make me feel better haha. I had a full head of foils done so of course I was at the basin for ages while she took them out and washed my hair. It was really hurting but me being shy I didn't want to say anything. 

    Yeah I guess you're right the NHS would have sent me to the hospital if they thought I was at risk of something like that. I just got worried after reading the news reports online about it. 

    Thank you so much for your reply, means a lot x

  • Hi :-)

    You sound like me , to polite to say anything when will we learn !

    You will be fine though honestly :-)

    You never said , do you like your hair after all the trauma :-/ x

  • Haha yeah I know own worst enimie most of the time. 

    Yeah hair came out ok after it all haha. 

    Thank you for asking and you're a great help :) x

  • I always get that neck pain. Every single time I go get my hair done! It hurts like hell and everytime I just wish for the washing to be over soon. But for that to cause anythign serious? Naaah, I don't think so. I am here and I am okay. Do not worry too much about it, its just uncomfortable. I have never heard about it causing anything serious either.

    So, how are you feeling now? Did you calm down a bit?

  • Hey thankyou for your response yeah I have a bit of a headache and a bit dizzy but I think that's from all the worrying :( yeah I spose I should listen to the medical advice I was given and after all I'm not the only one that has been through that pain 

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