Horrible day

My mom has been sick for the last 24 hours. My mom is very stubborn, so I didn't realize she was sick until I looked at her and she looked bug eyed like something was wrong. And when I got up this morning she was home and missed work. She didn't have a voice this morning. And she finally told me her stomach was hurting all night and she got sick as well. This is killing me because my mom is 61 and has never been sick so it's really making me sick because I'm so worried. My biggest fear is losing her she's all I have my dad died when I was 3. I'm so scared that it's more than a virus and I've begged her to go to the hospital she won't go. I don't know what to do. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Everyone please pray for my mom thank you so much!


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4 Replies

  • Hey relax and don't worry about your mom, I'm sure it's just a virus but keep on eye on her if it makes you feel better ! And may God bless your mom (:

  • Thank you so much! And I will!

  • I feel the same way as you in this regard. She's most likely just fine especially since there are some crazy viruses lingering a little longer this year than normal. I'll be thinking of you guys :)

  • Hi honey, what a sweet daughter you are. I wish your mom well soon. You can count on me to send a prayer her way. Take care of yourself as well. xx

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