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If there was Guns around where I live like there is in America it would be like the old wild west. Bad enough here with knives and the bullying . I think there would be many murders. I wonder how many good people in America that are doing heavy time for that split second madness ?

Other than my sickness today all is well in my house. My son is happy and that's the main thing. I just hope it continues because this house has seen enough of anger bad mental health and nastiness.

Hope you all are well and living in the now which counts more than past and future if you get my meaning.

Well off to practice my guitar playing. Just bought a new magazine and eager to learn more tunes. Byeee for now.

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Hello to you, glad all well with you just now x

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Hope the same is with you. x.


Where you live with out guns? I'm in USA and too many guns here in the wrong hands


That's what I mean but even a good person can lose it for that split second if stressed enough.



I am pleased to read all is calm at home , I am like you if my kids are happy then I am ( even now they are adults I am still the same :-D )

You have a talent there been able to play the guitar and sounds like you have self taught yourself , I bet you get a lot of satisfaction with that , I think so many that suffer with Mental Health Issues are very talented :-)

Hope you have a lovely weekend :-)

Take Care x


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