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H pylori and anxiety

Hey everyone . So this last 7 months has been terrible for me, health anxiety and all th physical symptoms under th sun. I lost 2 stone which I really couldn't afford to lose. Been back an forth to th docs an weight loss an physical symptoms were all due to anxiety.. finally he gave in an done bloods chest xray and I got the camera down into stomach. . Biopsies results came back today that I've h pylori and celiac.. I was never as happy to have finally found a cause.. by th way I never had any major stomach issues just chest pains and bleching after food. Have a look at this link.. It mite help some people. But here's hoping I've have a slight improvement after treatment ☺

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Glad you have found some answers. I had the h pylori test hoping that was the answer but it came back clear . Now I want B12 tests and candida. We are always looking for another answer that isn't health anxiety.

Hope you see some improvements in your anxiety levels now you have some answers


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