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Full panic attack

I don't even know how to start feeling scared that's for sure I blew my nose and blood came out I than cough right after and a little blood came out with clear mucus I'm so scared I do suffer from allergies could this be from my nose drip down my throat I'm thinking the worse the cancer I had to take a Xanax just now to help me please someone give me some advice 

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Allergies can make your nose bleed and the blood probably just dripped down your throat. I would just monitor it and if it gets worse make an appointment with a doctor. 


Thank you for ur reply the nose stopped and I have been pushing a cough for phlem and blood hasn't pop up but now I'm doing this for quite awhile see if I see something 

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My nose started to bleed a little when I woke up yesterday. I was a little panicked but I went to work was busy & took my mind off of it. If you have allergies it's probably related to that. But to ease your mind if it's still bothering you make an appointment. That's what I do of something is really bothering me. Hope you feel better 😊


Hi Oliveira,   how are you doing now?  Any more problem with your nose?  I hope the Xanax kicked in and relaxed you some.  Take care  x


I'm doing better the blood stopped and when I caught up its just phlegm thank u 


I'm glad you are okay.  Take care  x


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