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Weird vein

So today I felt the left side of my neck I felt this vein but it seems as if it's not pulsing it's just there like its swollen or something I've been getting heart palpitations from day to day is it connected i told someone they said something about pulled muscle but I get worried it could be something serious I'm only 18 it's there but it doesn't move at all idk what to do. I went to my doctor today for the MRI I was looking up it felt like the room was moving these palpitations get me scared and outa breath it's seems something new everyday! New problem but 2m hopefully imma go to a cardiologist just to make sure it's okay was gonna go today but didn't have a ride seems like no one will believe me I hate that feeling it's annoying and I can't stop thinking about it it makes my neck hurt down to the shoulder just recently

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Colby,  your neck hurting down to your shoulders is most likely tension from being so scared all the time.  (it happens to me as well).   As for the vein on the left side of your neck, it's not suppose to be pulsating.  The artery deep inside your neck is where you can feel a pulse.   Hopefully when  you see the cardiologist, he can assure you that it is anxiety causing your distressful symptoms.  Good Luck with the appointment.  x

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I get a swollen pulsating "vein" that which turned out to be a spasming muscle. 

It's painful & hard to calm down in that delicate area, so the best thing is to try to relax.

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