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Are these anxiety attacks?

I'm new to this forum and am after a bit of advice. A couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of night feely sweaty, shaky and my head was all over the place. For 3/4 nights after this I felt scared to go to bed and did not get any sleep for days. Finally I did sleep but on and off since then most if I wake at night I get a similar feeling but not as bad as the first. I find if I open the window for fresh air this helps. All this seems to have started since I had bad news about someone at work having a massive heart attack whilst driving. However, I don't think this is constantly on my mind but its making me feel horrible on and off.

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Hi Rabbit, it does sound like it could be panic attacks. Does your heart seem to race? The fact that your head became irrational in thought and this happened a few nights afterwards does sound like an anxiety attack.

I was woken late at night with anxiety attacks and often couldn't sleep, I used to lie awake for hours as I was sittind scared waiting for it to happen, eventually it eased off.

Hope you're feeling better.


sounds like anxiety attacks to me as well i used to wake up in the night with them i used to nottice how quite it was then all of a suddenid i would get a red hot flush come over me and id find it hard to breath


Thanks for your replies, I've bought some natrasleep to try which will hopefully help me relax and sleep well.


Hi Rabbit, yeah this does sound like anxiety, all of your symptoms are typical of an anxiety attack. Interesting that it seems to have started after you heard news about your colleague having a heart attack; from my experience and from other posts on this site this is a huge caused of anxiety, not least because when you have a panic attack it has similar symptoms to a heart attack! I wouldn't be surprised if this is the root cause, if I delved back into my past i wouldn't be surprised if it was for me too. Hope you're feeling better now, There's plenty of help out there if you need it :)


i know how ur feeling and i do the same i have apanic attack and wen i open a window im ok agen it makes me feel better i wake up with a tite feeling around my head like ur going to die its horrible x


Hi Rabbit although sleep aids seem to help at times they are not a long term answer, I suggest you try an "Indian head Massage" as late in the afternoon or evening that you can book after this very relaxing massage you will i am sure fall into the most natural and peaceful sleep you have experienced for a long time.

It can also help with anxiety disorders.

good luck and feel well soon


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