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Pain relief

Has anyone taken oxynorm 5mg & 2 paracetamol together... I have ckd stage 4 also hypothisem/ osteoaritis / osteoaritis & anemia + heart problems all being checked .

So just want to know is anyone taking the painkillers together  as its really is so painful  any advice  appreciated as I'm really feeling so low , sorry for the rant 

Kind  & warm regards

Peggy 🌹🌹

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Hello Peggy 

I have not taken these meds together maybe someone will answer that has but in the meantime there is a community on Health Unlocked for Pain called Pain concern and I wondered if posting your question on there may get you some good advise :-)

I have put you the link on that will take you straight to the Community for you to have a look :-)

Take Care x


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