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So,I posted a lot lately on this site and I just want some information. Even if Ive been on this anxiety road for almost 9 years,I still cant calm myself. So,I went to the doctor and she gave me blood tests and thyroid tests and urine test. They will arrive this day ,but later. My biggest concern is this feeling that Im not real,that I might be dreaming and nothing,not even people,or me is real. I researched it,its called derealization or depersonalization. Ive had this before,but not for a very long time. Now I had this almost everyday,sometimes i didnt,for the last 2 weeks. I have to admit that I stressed a lot. Never been stressed like this. I made the mistake to search it on my native language,wich is romanian and I found a boy who feels the same and someone told him that maybe because his grandma killed herself,maybe he is having a mental illness in development. He felt exactly like I do and to see someone telling him that he might be mentally ill ( schizophrenia kind of ill),spiked me a lot. There were others that commented they had psychotic episodes and I got really scared. Can I be mentally ill? Ive never had hallucinations,I only have these derealization/depersonalization feelings in wich I question if its real or not,even if I KNOW its real. I dont have trouble speaking,I do perform like a normal kid at school,I sometimes forget some things,but thats just because I lack a lot of sleep and I have emotions as well. I also read that schizophrenic people dont involve in social activity. I must say,for 2-3 weeks I dont really feel like talking because all I can think of is that Im crazy or I might die. I lost my appetite to talk. Even with my bf,I just lost my desire to kiss him and he started to notice and I explained that he shouldnt worry. Am I crazy? Am I alone? Do I have a chance to be normal again? Am I schizophrenic? What should I do?


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  • You're not schizophrenic, don't worry it's just your anxiety putting thoughts in your head, think positive and you know who you are and you seem like a great person, have faith in yourself and I pray you will feel better 😊

  • Depersonalization/derealization is very common anxiety related symptom as scary and uncomfortable as the sensation is it is actually completely harmless. Your brain does this as a way of protecting itself when it has stressed for too long or experienced trauma. The more you focus and worry about it the longer it will stick around. You just need to remind yourself that it is from anxiety it can't hurt you and it's nothing, do not focus on it. Also I believe sleep is a big factor are you getting enough sleep and quality sleep? Here is a great article that really helped me.


  • No,I have sleep problems. Staying asleep and falling asleep. I also think sleep is a big problems. I got my results back,I got too much thyroxine in my bloodstream and thats causing me weight loss. But in rest im fine. Also,when depersonalization/derealization occurs I always think Im schizophrenic. Like I lost my mind,even tho Im sure I didnt. Is this normal?

  • Yes it's very normal with DO/DR to feel like you are losing your mind but I assure you you are not. People who go crazy don't know they are crazy and would not question if they are. The thyroid problem is probably causing a lot of your problems including anxiety at least now you can get treatment for it and you will probably my feel a lot better. Good luck :)

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