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Need Some Help

Basically im under the domestic violence team, cause my dad has emotionally and mentally abused me, and for the past couple of days ive been having very bad nightmares, since my so called dad messaged me on christmas eve, and i found out from the police that the restrainning order that i thought was in place....wasnt! Ive been waking up every morning with bruises. The nightmares are very real, to the point where basically my dad is physical abusing me, by hits, kicking, punching and things more worse. But the thing that scares me the most is the bruises that i wake up with are in the exact same place where he hurt me in my nightmares and the nightmares just keep repeating themselves. Ive got to a point where i truly dont know what to do. Im that scared, of everything now, i cant really talk to my friends or family anymore. has anyone got any advice on what to do?

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Hi , you don't have to live like this in fear you should feel safe in the kbowing he won't &;can't hurt you anymore , do you have a boyfriend who is your rock , I have my partner & beautiful little boy they are my main thing in my life being cosy wirh my boys and watching movies it's the best feeling in the world learn to value the little things & it's tough I know but you deserve to ne happy and safe now .I'm here to talk to any time big hugs binkynoo x


Thank you and yh I've got a fiance and a 2 year old who are my world but it's hard to tell my partner how I'm feeling if you know what I mean x


I'd go to your doctor's. Your Dr may be able to give you something to help get rid of the bad dreams. They are subject to a patient/doctor confidentiality order so cannot disclose anything you don't want.



Have you had a look on the PSTD sites? (post traumatic stress disorder) It sounds like this could be an issue for you and you could maybe get some help from reading these posts. It is a terrible situation you have come from and him texting you will have "triggered" you (set it all off) understandably.

You don't say why the restraining order is not in place but maybe you will need to look into this as it sounds very frightening for you. Are you getting professional psychological help as I think it could help you in these circumstances.



Thank you I will look into it and no still waiting for help x


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