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Want to feel like doing things again

For the last month I have been without a job. In my job it wasnt all that great. Initially it was fine had a routine and things were good. Slowly routine went out the window and I struggled to get things done and would be afraid to ask questions about anything because I was so anxious about it. I was not used to dealing with social situations and I had a hard time of making conversation. I felt I had little to contribute to the conversation. Now I am out of work Im not sure what to do next. What job to get? Whether to start my own business etc Im just not sure anymore. I feel i am lost and I dont feel or have the energy to do anything anymore.

Anyone have any advice?


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I would say, do what makes you happy ! And what can really get that flow going again for you 


Trouble is that I dont have any hobbies or many infact. Ive become very lazy to do things at the moment. Waking up late bad eating habits etc. Some friends of mine need help updating their website etc and a friend of mine is keen on getting something started together. I dont mind doing it but I dont have any motivation at the moment to do it. Even doing simple stuff is tough for me and things feel in slowmotion at the moment. I feel trapped and not sure how to get out of this situation.


Maybe some exercise, sometimes getting up and moving gets our blood going and hypes us. Take time to find yourself again and what motivates you, it could be anything, you know (: 


Thank you for your advice. Apologies I responded so late. I haven't on here as you can see for a long time. My situation is abit better now. I'm currently working and have been for almost two years now. :) I play squash once a week to keep me active and get the heart going and I eat out only once a week. :)


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