I wake up most morning feeling like I'm spaced out and going to fall. I feel like I'm floating and weak. sometimes I feel like I'm in an elevator that is dropping. I have been to the Doctor and had all the test done and they say I'm healthy. I have to work I am a single dad and my son depends on me. It get so bad sometimes that I feel I may die. Any advice? Thank you!


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  • Hi wbryant0190, It sounds like you may be experiencing "morning anxiety". A very common symptom among anxiety sufferers. Our adrenaline rises in the morning preparing us for a new day. With anxiety, our nerves are already over sensitized which makes us more vunerable to the higher levels of cortisol/adrenaline. It is nothing dangerous but may play out with us experiencing fear. Fear of the unknown of what may happen. Accepting your doctor's diagnosis is important. I would think being a single dad and having a son who depends on you puts much pressure and stress on your well being. If this is something new, it might be a good idea to talk with your doctor about seeking some therapy in order for you to work out the root of your anxiety. Not doing anything can keep you stuck in this morning pattern of fear. Continue coming to the forum for support and understanding. We are here for each other. Take a deep breathe and make it a good day :)

  • Thank you!

  • I just saw your next post,. So you know what anxiety is all about. What are you presently doing to help yourself. Are you on medication? Therapy? Do you exercise the thought of using Meditation/DeepBreathing? A book on how to get Help with your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes is a good one to start with. It explains how closely the mind/body experience works in producing these weird and scary sensations. It isn't easy to overcome what we fear but with practice, patience and determination it can be done.

    I've had anxiety for 30 years and it took me until lately to realize I was my own worst enemy by not accepting this as anxiety. The fear kept building over the years and I felt something had to be physically wrong. But I was wrong. Wrong in thinking negative thoughts that put me deeper in fear.

    One day, it all made sense what the therapist had been telling me about Acceptance of our Anxiety. The mind is a powerful tool but needs to be used for good and not bad. Ridding ourselves from negative thoughts can turn our fears around. I can tell you are not quite ready to accept this as anxiety. You probably have a lot of inner doubts. But in your own time, everything will fall into place and you will take that small step forward in getting better.

    You need to take care of you. This is your time right now. Better days are coming.

  • When accept anxiety and don't try and fight it, it goes away much sooner.

  • wbryant, that's the "key" we all hold.

  • I am on medication I take Lexapro, welbutrin, and colonzapam. I try to walk everyday when I'm not so lightheaded.

  • I hear you. I'm also on Lexapro which has proven to be a good med for me. Feeling off balanced/floating sensation makes it difficult to even want to walk and I understand. Everyone responds differently to different methods of relieving stress and anxiety. However, the one thing that stays true wbryant, is deep breathing. I'm sure you have seen it in movies when someone is in trouble the medical profession will always say "just breathe, take slow deep breaths". The reason being when we deep breathe it calms not only the mind but the heart rate as well. More oxygen gets to the brain allowing us not to feel so spacy. Hydration also plays a big part of not feeling lightheaded. For me, that is usually a sign that I've not drank enough water. It's hard not to be fearful when feeling out of control. Remember that fear begets fear and deep breathing can restore the balance and reduce the anxiety which reduces the symptoms.

    I can't tell you how many times I went through that feeling until finally becoming Agoraphobic. It seems better at the time to just stay in my home then to try to venture out. What a only fed into my fears more. Medication is necessary to help take the edge off our symptoms but is never really the entire answer. Therapy or working with other methods to control anxiety are just as important.

    Keep an open mind to the responses you will get on this forum. It is probably one of the best forums around for anxiety. Men and women alike of all ages. All going through and have gone through the same issues as you. You will be okay. We will walk this path together, kicking the pebbles out of the way as we all reach our goal.

    Hang in there....

  • Thank you so much!

  • Knowing that I am not the only one with this problem makes me feel less alone

  • I use to go to ER a lot because I did not know if I was dying from some crazy illness. It was the same thing over and over Ekg, blood work, heart monitor, stress test and even CT scan, tilt table test. You name it and I have probably been tested for it. I am as healthy as a horse they say but I would always leave wondering how I would make it through the work day tomorrow. I would wake up the next day with the same symptoms. No doubt this is very hard to deal with,but I keep going day after day because I have a son that needs me.

  • thank you for taking time out of your day to share advice with me.

  • I feel like this everyday I can't even go for walk without feeling like I'm in dream or about fall out I hate living with this 😔

  • How long have you felt this way?

  • Tbh it's been a whole month now it comes & go.

  • I'm in the same boat but a single mom..... I wish I knew how to help I deal with this daily

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