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hi friends.i m 20 year old and have suffered from anxiety about 3 months ago.i feel like i m going to die.i have'nt had any loss,suddenly i got a panic attack in one night and from that night i m feared that i m going to die.when i sit in car i think i will get an accident and i will die,i cant get these thoughts out of my mind,can u people suggest me what to do?anyone else having same condition??

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Anxiety does disturb the messages in your mind. They are like misfires. Irrational, unrealistic thoughts. I had this myseld just a little different. You will not die or go crazy. You do however need to be proactive in controlling the anxiety so the thoughts can dissipate over time. Meditate, massage, yoga, the outdoors, read. Anything that can relax you or makes u happy. Also seek therapy, a support group or medication if u feel its serious & you cannot handle it on your own. Speak to family & friends or a minister for support. It will get better over time. Im still recovering. Its ok snd tell urself that over and over again, " i am ok, this will pass, im in control"


Panic attacks come out of the blue and it is a scary feeling, but it is true. It is our mind that is tying to trick us, the key is to learn to control out thoughts...not easy, but by confessing a positive for every negative thought motto is the battle is in our minds, so if you don't control your mind, who will do it for you? 

Take care and I am glad you are here for support.


thanks for your advice, i m trying my was to much severe in its early days but now it is in little bit the day when i go to uni i feel comfortable but as the night come it starts increasing.


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