I know I,m dying

is this site only for young people?

another night with no sleep because of pain

is it only muscles like shoulders arms legs chest neck be tensed with anxiety or can other parts be affected only on one side. I m so scared I m even afraid to talk on here about what I m scared of

I truly believe I am dying of an incurable disease . 3 a.m no one to talk to can't even phone Samaritans because I cry all the time and husband will hear me. He went mad when I did it once before


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  • If your husband goes mad at you, thats not a sign of a true loving husband. He should be holding you close, letting you know it will pass soon. He should be feeling the pain you feel, he wouldnt just be sleeping not caring.

    Besides all that, no this isnt just for young people. Im 38 myself and i dont consider myself young.

    Anxiety can affect any part of the body, so try take some deep calm and centred breaths. I know its hard, im in the same boat as you, so know you arent alone in this battlw which you can and will win.

    Stay strong, take your mind to a place where you remember beauty, you remember happiness at its most joyous, concentrate and remember that or those times, you will hopefully start to get yourself back to a better place mentally.

  • Anxiety affects your whole body. People experience muscle tension in any part of their body. Are you getting any support from your doctor or health centre? If you can, go online and read about anxiety symptoms. You are not dying - another common symptom of anxiety created by fear. It's a pity your husband is not more supportive, but it's your experience not his, so he doesn't matter. You have to think about what's best for yourself and begin recovery. Talking helps, keeping this to yourself will not help your recovery. Best wishes.

  • oh no ,please you misunderstand I. I must had said it wrong, my husband and I love each other dearly it's just that I know I am dying and he says I,m not all the time. Hr,s in denial and frustrated with me because he genuinely thinks I,ll be ok. I love him so much and he tries so hard to help me. No one on earth can understand exactly how I feel. Lots of people on here are suffering terribly, each in their own way. But I truly know I wont get better and my Dr assumes its anxiety based despite the aching burning twitching cramping legs which only stated about 3 months ago.

  • My apologies for slighting your husband without foundation. Has your doctor done any blood tests or sent you for any assessments. Why do you think these symptoms are life threatening? Do you have other symptoms that your doctor attributes to anxiety? People here know exactly how you feel, how you despair. You are young and have your life to live. You can recover from anxiety, I did, after having panic attacks at 18 years. It took a couple of years but I did not manage stress as I should and I have anxiety again aged 64. I thought I was dying at 18! Look at your lifestyle. Are you a worrier, e.g.? Have you had events in your life that caused you stress? How we think has a bearing on how we manage mental health. Your doctor should arrange for Cognative Behavioural Therapy. Understanding anxiety goes a long way to help recovery, removes fear which is re-inforcing the anxious thoughts.

  • no I am not young I sm 61. She done blood tests, went for abdominal ultrasound April she sent results to consultant at hosp for his opinion, not heard back yet, keep telling us at Drs that staff will chase it up and rpoet back . I had bad anxiety problems 5 years ago over same health problems, but now I got these leg pains and twitching nearly3 months ago and they not going . Had cbt etc 4 yrs ago. Once you been treated for anxiety that's all they see. Got new grandchild coming Sept and I know I wont see her

    I'm so sad and totally devasted its upsetting everyone. Awake all night again. Don't think anything will help its far too late they missed something years ago.

  • anxious because I feel ill not other way round, that's what I'm trying to say, sorry. Thx.

  • So sorry, melodious, I've jumped to a lot of conclusions/presumptions. GP not being supportive. No wonder you can't sleep and are despairing. I know that my father has leg problems similar, he has intermittant claudication. he retired at 58 with this arterial problem - he will be 96 in 2 weeks! Anxiety can make everything feel worse. I'd call hospital, speak to consultant's secretary. It's your health and you're entitled to seek answers and solutions. Also not getting enough can have an enormous bearing on pain and wellbeing. Please keep asking for support on this group. xx

  • Hello melodious, please go back to your doctor regarding these issues. My grand daughter suffers with anxiety and visited her GP lots of times and each time they put it down to anxiety. However she did feel as if she was about to die and was frustrated that no one believed her. In the end she became really ill and was found to have stills disease. I'm not saying that you have this disease but go with you instincts and keep going back till you get sorted hope that you feel better soon x

  • yes I been 4 times in2 months. Got to wait for review of ultrasound to come back from hosp where gp sent it for review because they weren't sure about it. My husband keeps ringing to chase it up. The gp,s staff saying they heard nothing but will keep asking and let me know when they get a reply. Been 2 months or more. Been going back and forth to go 5 years, had 5 ultrasound. I not young like your granddaughter but I know its very serious, I have googled its quicker than Dr. I have known for years something badly wrong but couldn't convince them . Too late now, I'm sad and v anxious. Thx

  • that was abdominal ultrasound.

  • Burning twitching cramping is all also anxiety related symptoms. You need to heal your thinking also because you're body under stress gets weaker and immune gets lower. So if you really believe you're sick just try to believe yourself healthy again. Try to survive one day at a time. That what I did when I was completely numb from face to toes for 3 days out of nowhere and twitching too. I'm 24 and this just happened but now I am feeling better each day. Also make sure you eat healthy avoid gluten maybe for a little too and night shade foods. Wish you the best!

  • Odear I would be haven a serious word with your husband ! I remember this believing I was goin to die it's so scary 😢I can tension in me legs and stomach which just makes me nausous and I don't do sick lol ... if u need a chat pmx

  • dont know how to pm. It takes hours for replies to come b thro. I'm not young, 61. I know leg problems connected to the retching etc. Would like to pm but not very good at this. Thx

  • husband a rock, I phrased it badly under great anxiety, sorry.

  • oxogemox , do you have pain in calves and twitching. I had it 3 months now. Thx

  • R u tensing up as you are walking ? ... I've private mailed you go in to your profile and at the top click message x

  • Hello

    There is a mixture of ages on here and without giving my age away as I think when we get to a certain age we would rather not let's say I am middle aged to be polite :-)

    I think no matter what age we are though we can all relate to how anxiety makes us feel if we are suffering

    Sounds like you are going through a really rough time and need some support

    I am sorry that you feel if you were to phone the Samaritans your husband would start getting upset with you , that does not sound very supportive and you need to feel free to be able to talk as I feel it is half the battle been able to express you fears and how you feel because without that how can you start to know what you need to help yourself

    The pains you are talking about can be anxiety related it can be amazing what anxiety can cause us to feel , all the tension building up , are muscles getting so tight it creates pain , lack of sleep , upset stomachs the list goes on , always best to see your Doctor and get a diagnosis and peace of mind that nothing physically is wrong and then move forward how you are going to start dealing with your anxiety issues either trying medication or some kind of therapy

    If you can start to open up and believe me whatever is in your mind someone will always relate to it will help and I think a Community full of like minded people like yourself is a great start

    Hope just knowing you are not alone with how you feel helps a little bit :-)

    Take Care x

    I always reply before I read what others have said and me to I got muddled and thought you were saying your husband was not supportive but see you have cleared that one up in your other responses and pleased that I see he is supportive towards you :-)

    I think if we have had a Health scare it can trigger Health anxiety of which you sound like you may be suffering with , I know anxiety can convince us that this is it we are going to die but believe me if something was seriously wrong your Doctor would have you in hospital asp

    I agree you need to chase those results up with your GP , let them know how this is affecting you , I am sure the results alone will give you peace of mind , so I would start by getting them to find out what they are :-) x

  • bounce, you are kind, and others on here. We keep asking abot results, my husband phoned again yesterday that's 5 times. They said they would chase things up at hosp and get back to us as soon as they get aresponse. Unfortunately I googled to try and get reassurance about new symptom and its backfired. Nights are so long when you in pain, anxious and cant sleep and sad, thinking about things I,ll miss

    it made me cry that you listen to me and seem to care and want to help. Thx.

  • bounce, something someone replied to another poster has really frightened me. Don't want others to see it , but don't know how to pm you to ask you about it. So upset and anxious I can t find it. Now but cant forget what it said.

  • Hello :-)

    When you reply to a post or a response on a post that you have written like this one you will see in a green box " Reply " now if you press that before you start to reply to who ever you are replying to then that member will get the little red bell light up that you should have now telling you that you have a reply from me , it is at the top of the page if you look , that way members know someone has answered them , I came back and had a look on your post or I would have not realized that you had replied ( you will soon get the hang of all this , don't let is worry you just keep asking members they will help you work your way around the site :-)

    To message someone , say for example me

    It says Bounce in blue writing

    Press on that and it will take you to my profile

    Then where the large banner picture is to the right side it will say " message "

    Press on message and you can message then and same if you want to send a private message to any member just press on their user name and look to the right of their profile where it will say message :-)

    The worse thing we all seem to do when we have anxiety especially when we have Health anxiety is either go on Dr Google or any negatives we read we zoom in on those and take them on board literally , we never take the positives on board and I think this is how the anxiety feeds and it keeps it going

    Remember that Google has not done any tests on you , it cannot examine you it just spits out the worse scenario , only your Doctor can give you accurate results and an opinion on your health :-)

    People do sometimes put comments that again when we have Health Anxiety can affect us , but I think as anxiety comes in different forms and maybe they do not have Health Anxiety they are trying hopefully to be helpful but not picking up on the worse thing you can say to someone with Health Anxiety is a horror or negative feedback

    Also that maybe their experience or opinion but does not mean whatever it was is the same for you , try and I know not easy but to push those thoughts out and replace them with anything that is positive :-)

    It is not good when loosing test results , I think quiet a few of us have had our results lost at some time even though mine have usually been blood tests that have gone missing , I am wondering if maybe your husband could ask to speak to the surgeries Manager and explain that even though he knows they are trying to find them that this is having a dreadful affect on you and you need something by the end of the week either to say they have got them or worse scenario that they have lost them and maybe you would have to have the tests re done , but that and take on board would be the worse scenario and doubtful you would have to do that again , I think they just need a shake up to pull their thumbs out a little bit

    I wonder did you have these tests done at the hospital ?

    Could you maybe if you were under a consultant try phoning their personal Secretary and asking if they have the results on their system and if so send them through to your GP asp , I suppose anything is worth trying because I know you need those results to help to give you some peace of mind :-)

    I really hope you get them in the next few days :-) x

  • thank you. You and others have helped me today . Take care

  • I think you are safe here to tell what you are afraid of. You don't have to reveal your real name and other personal identifiable information. I've been feeling like I might be dying for...mmmm maybe thirty years now. Believe me it gets better when you get to the point where you are more concerned about living. Talk about your problems with a trained therapist. Since I am a Christian, I talked with a Christian therapist who helped a lot. I still suffer from depersonalization (you can google this). Hang in there. We understand. Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways.

  • its upsetting too that I feel more distant from my family and from God. I hope this will change.

    I,ve never quite understood depersonalization, I,ll have another look at it , thx steadfast

  • I looked up depersonalization and I really identify with it. Thanks for your help,take care

  • You're welcome. I am over sixty and didn't have depersonalization symptoms until this late in life. However, I think it was anxiety building up from overthinking and concerned about what others said and thought about me. Hope you are feeling better.

  • You're not dying, I know that sometimes looks like it, but it's not true, is the ansiety making you think this, but if you are really worried, go to a doctor and do a battery of medical exams

  • Awww sweety ur not dieing chick believe me ive got severe health anxiety and health phobia everything i feel i think im dying but its our fears and anxiety thats doing it to us its awful wen u feel lonely even though we have partners my hubby gets madwith me too and i could nut him sometimes cuz i dontwant this feeling and him shouting at me only makes me worse this feeling will pass im trust slowly bypassing the samme feeling has something triggered u off to make u feel like this

  • thanks . I know its hard for partners and so on to understand. Is pretty hard for us to understand what's going on so they got not chance. Yeah some health issues then the anxiety kicked in as well, and insomnia makes everything worse doesn't it . Take care

  • No it only seems like it's for young people I'm 53 and have panic attacks way too often due to health anxiety. Mine is fear of cancers and I keep causing myself gi issues with my anxiety. I will pray for you as this is no joke and I understand

  • db10 im exactly the same as u huge cancer phobia and health anxiety it's horrible to I've wiv

  • Sorry for what i said about your husband. I understand typing things when your anxious so dont worry about the fact you worded it wrong. Im just glad to hear he is as supportive as he is.

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