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I'm so stressed out over a million small insignificant things and it drives me insane.

The stress all collate and gangs up on me and causes me to turn into this confused and mixed up idiot, what confidence I have just dissappears into thin air. Just doing the smallest of jobs becomes quite an ordeal 😡. Which in turn makes me angry and that certainly doesn't help because I beat myself up so badly.

I do suffer with depression so when the stress levels go above what I can normally handle I lose the plot.

I avoid contact where ever I can, I make mistakes, everthing is confusing to me. 

I hate myself for being like this.

I was always a sensitive child which has never left me but when extra stresses hit me I become this very shy child like person again, and I can tell by peoples faces that they think I'm a bit strange and they avoid me then and that makes it even worse.

I have horrible thoughts in my head and I want to die, please help me stop this worry wheel and wierd behaviour.

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I understand what your sounds like you  need to get yourself out if your one of those people if i sit and think i will do myself in with my head.i know other folk like me too my brother included.i think maybe find something to do that distracts you like read a book,play a game,watch a movie,listen to music,go for a walk or if you have a hobby try to do that.maybe when you feel like this you need to do something will help the thoughts not bother you so much and you maybe feel better:)i had anxiety disorders and mood disorders for years.i figured out the worst thing is to sit and think when I'm like that cos it will spiral fast.


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