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God noes how long have had this blue dot please help I'm ok with floaters but not blue dot any advice and help I've had eye test

I keep thinking I have a tumur or my brains bleeding or sumat there bumps and lumps on my head ive started seeing like abit more of a flashy blue am sick of it now a cant relax o wake up thinking will it be here today it puts my anixety on high alert could it just be the light bouncing or something I no I sound like a moaner 

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Hi John.   I have had floaters for about 25 years that I can remember, but they are black.  And there's a ton of them.   I have also had the flashing streaks of lights as well.   But you are saying yours are blue?

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Just a blue dot but I also get like the ring ones and squiggles and cobweb 


I get a blue dot as well. Comes an goes somedays it's there constant and other days it just pops up a few times. 



I used to get the cob web ones, they used to start on the left of my vision and travel to the right. 

Took about 1/2 hour to clear. 

They are a type of migraine that doesn't come with the normal pain . I can't remember the name , ischaemic migraine or something. 

Not pleasant but quite common.  

Can't help you on the blue dot.  

All the best. 


I have the same problem. Recently everyday i can see blue dot in center of my vision. Its a tiny blue dot. It flashes quick few times and it goes away. I tried to search something about blue dots and all i know most people who have this also have anxiety so there may be a connection. 

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