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Anxiety is a bitch

Hi I have suffered anxiety for 7 years I'm new to this forum though, I get symptoms all day everyday, especially dizziness and disorientation, I was just wondering if anyone gets the same type of dizziness? Let me explain mine,

If I'm sitting on a chair and that chair wobbles I feel like I'm going to fall over, also if I'm pushing a shopping trolley and someone knocks in to it I feel like I'm going to pass out! I've started suffering my dizzy spells while driving too

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Yes I get dizzy like that too sometimes:) just remember that's it's all anxiety and nothing to panic about because the more you panic the worse it gets:)


Hi and welcome

I get dizz y spells sometimes and quite anxious when I am driving. I find deep breathing helps to control them. Count in for 10, hold for 10 and then release for ten.

Hope this helps



Same here. I cant stand straight for long coz i tend to disorient. Sometimes all of a sudden, i feel like falling. Imagine standing inside the elevator then the elevator suddenly fall. Thats how i feel.


This is exactly how I feel every day :-/ feel proper pants


Thank you for your replies I know it sounds wrong but it always helps to know that your not the only one getting these symptoms, I've had such a bad week this week, head pressure, dizziness,chest pains, shoulder and neck aches fuzzy headed and disorientation! Urgh just feel really rubbish


Hi Karen, I feel the same too, constant disorientation and feeling of falling and fainting among other symptoms to but this is my worst one as it hardly ever seems to ease up, how are you doing now?


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