Anxious ,depressed need a little reassurance

Feeling very anxious tonight got my period my mind is overworking and the reason is let me explain my birthday is on Friday got some gifts already than I come home and my husband and kids give me my cards and gifts I know so far sounds great and I love them for it but what goes threw my mind as I say it laughing a little now it's stuck in my brain in like what's going on everyone is giving me gifts early am I not making it to Friday please someone try and talk some sense to me why did I have this thought 


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4 Replies

  • Thats anxiety

    I get the same way. I over think the most dumbest things example i had a cut in my finger and i automatically thought omg my finger will get infected and fall off... Like really?? Haha it makes you think catastrophic thoughts it so sad...

  • Yeah had this! You need to relax, try breathing. Excercise and 5 min meditation will help. 

  • Hi. Well as you may already know menstrual cycle and anxiety do not get along. Your menstrual cycle will make anxiety worse and the thoughts as well.  Pay more attention to your cycle and you will be more comfortable knowing it's time for your anxiety to be amped up.  Get yourself a good multivitamin and a menstrual calendar app and you will conquer.  Good luck

  • Omg, just read your post and I know what you mean. Now that I realize I ve been on my menstrual cycle since friday, my anxiety Symptoms have gone through the roof. I have been feeling dizzy and headaches just don't go away. Edatis makes sense to all this. Hopefully it goes away soon. Wishing you the best and pray you get to feeling better.

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