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Strange tightness and sensations

I posted the other day about my strange symptoms related to Celiac. However, I am not convinced this is the issue. 

Once or twice a day I get this "tight sensation" all over my body. Kind of like of what it feels before I have a panic attack. I only know this feeling after I started having them in November. 

In any event, they are very disturbing and I don't have to gasp for air but it definitely have to think about it. I was told I am not eating enough with the Celiac so I am eating more but it again happened this morning when I was in bed and it is kind of happening now as I am writing this. 

I can't figure out if I am hyperventilating and this is causing this to to happen. I am simply at a loss.

If anyone has anything like this happen to them, please let me know. 

Thank you. 

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I have experienced this before and it has been my anxiety

How are you feeling now ?

Hope you are feeling a lot better :-)

Take Care x


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