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Urgent work advice!!!!

Ok I have to make my decision by tomorrow morning. I either quit my job or I don't. 

I work part time in a retail store which is 8 hours a week :( the job is tedious it gives me major anxiety and stress and the money is awful. I also spend most of the time off sick because of my stress and anxiety.

However if I quit I will have no money and will be home all the time going insane! 

What's my best option here?

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This seems a tricky one but I noticed you said your job was stressful and cause anxiety but if you stopped at home you would maybe go insane so weighing those two up they sort of come out even ...however we all need money to survive and without the job you would have none which would cause extra stress as well as been stuck at home so to me just reading this weighs up that it might be best to try & stick with the job for now but as it is part time when you are not at work start looking for something else ?

I hope you make the right decision for you which you are the most important in all this 

Maybe do a list the positives for staying with the job for now 

The negatives for staying with the job for now 


The positives if you leave the job now 

The negatives for leaving the job now 

Which ever comes out on top could be your answer , sometimes we see it clearer if it is written down rather than it going round and round in our minds 

Good Luck with whichever you go for :-)

Take Care x 


This is great thank you for the advice. 

Take care too x 

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