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So I have very bad health anxiety and depression,I'm also 3 months pregnant with my 3rd child.last summer I had health anxiety to the max I thought I was dying wouldn't do anything but go to the doctors and cry all day long and feel doomed.that was also right after I had my second child which was mostly post Partom anxiety and finally went away a little bit and now it's creeping back,every morning when I wake up the bad thoughts are already there I feel like crying and very depressed but I also feel to nervous to sit down and cry.its terrible I do this every morning.has anyone else went threw anything like this?or am I the only one?also I can't stand being alone I always want company and someone to stay the night and when no ones here the anxiety and depression gets worse.

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Oh wow don't want to get you down but I was a happy healthy no issues what so ever, then at 41yrs old got pregnant with my fourth child and boom my whole world changed I started to feel weird like I was dizzy I fainted a few times but blamed it on the pregnancy, my dizzy got so bad I couldn't drive to work I got fired. Then I didn't want to be alone so I made my older daughter stay with me. My daughter was born and I continued to feel sick, then other symptoms began to many to name so now 12yrs later, I'm still dealing with this crap I took meds but got off cuz I didn't want to be on them forever. Now it's constant head pressure,nausa and feelings of doom in the morning, flutters in my chest 24/7 , cry too. I have to make myself  get out, I'm afraid I'll pass out somewhere. Oh I've had ever test you can think of and all normal 😩 So I pray that one day we'll all wake up and feel normal again. Sorry  this was long.  


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