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A Cure to All Anxiety

Many of you including myself are unsure of our Anxiety.  So many questions of Why? How? What if?  pertains.  But in reality we are all okay.  Its our own minds that trick us in to believing that we just aren't.  That we can't trust ourselves, that we can't control ourselves, low self esteem applies, and for the most part we doubt we can handle it.  

The solution is to try and be anxious.  Its to go towards situations that make us feel anxious.  Use reverse psychology.  You have to get a bit crazy with it.  You can't avoid anxiety, you can only face it and make it think you want it.  Like all things in life, what you ignore chases you.  So if you simply ignore being anxious, it will end up coming back.  If you face it and want it, it will ignore you...and that is key.  Let anxiety ignore you and only then will it go away.  

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 Very true!


This is very helpful and will try it today :) x


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