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Carnt cope feeling like this

Hi everyone I've have been reading everyone's post daily but this is my first post, I suffer with fibro osteoarthritis ibs and anxiety and panic attacks.some day I can get my head around why I feel the way I do and when having a good day it's such a relief but today is horrible burning stomach pain feeling sick and aches and pains all over now I'm in thinking mode that I've got a serious illness and the doctor are missing it for anxiety all this truly messes with our brains it's so tiring which I could see the light at the end of the tunnel sorry for long post x

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Hello & Welcome :-)

It is not a long post at all and I well done doing your first post :-)

Are you getting treatment for your IBS ?

There is also a Community on Health Unlocked for IBS which also may help you if you are not already a member I will pop the link on so you can have a look 

I think most of us that suffer with anxiety especially Health Anxiety always believe the Doctors are missing something this is very common among us yet this is very rare that this is the case it is amazing what physical symptoms anxiety can throw up including contributing to your IBS you are suffering from 

Have you asked your Doctor for any kind of support like therapy ?

I would really pour my heart out to my Doctor and tell them just how bad this is affecting me and what more can they do for me as there is a lot of support out there even though sometimes we have to push to get it

I hope now you have posted you will feel free to come on and talk to everyone knowing you are not alone and there will be always someone that will say hello , listen and at least understand these feelings you have even though we may not always have the answers but knowing we are been understood I think goes a long way :-)

Take Care x



Aww thank you Bounce for replying to my post, I'm under gastro for my ibs and just waiting for some CBT therapy. I'm lucky my doctor is so good the times  I've broke down crying asking for this test and that he sends me for them to give me piece of mind it's just some days I just carnt get my head around accepting it's anxiety. I'm on the ibs and fibro site they are all great and a lifeline for me first thing I do in the morning is come on here,hope your feeling well today xx



That is good to hear you sound like you have a good support network round you and I think the more support we can get the better but anxiety seriously does throw up some really realistic symptoms and if you are already suffering with something anxiety just adds to that and makes you even more drained but I hope you will come and keep talking with us when you feel anxious as you will know in the other Communities you are in it is a relief to be understood about how you feel :-)


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