ive been dealing with this for a few months now. Had a panic attack at school and went from there. I'm Alway on edge. I have bad days and good ones the last few days haven't been very good. Plus I'm dealing with a breakup with my boyfriend and I abojt a month ago. So that's adding on to everytjing. I'm so worried that something is going to happen to me! Seizure stroke heart attack I'm 19 female and I keep thinking "what if it happens now!?" Random pains freak me out! Ugh I'm so frustrated! 


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  • Hi Maddz18,  I can imagine that you are always on edge since you had a panic attack at school and I would assume you have to attend school everyday.  Dealing with a breakup in this past month isn't an easy thing.  Your emotions are running high which most likely is causing  you to be on high alert.  Your chances at 19 of having a seizure, stroke or heart attack are low.....  but still you do need a doctor or therapist to address your fears.  Hope you feel better soon with some help.   x

  • Thank you so much for this! Yes I seem on edge all the time and I feel like crying every time someone asks if I'm ok! I know the chances are low but I'm still worried about them next time I talk to my docotr I'll mention this again! Thank you hope you're doing good!

  • I'm glad you will mention it to your doctor.   When our life gets out of control it seems we tend to focus on bad things happening to ourselves (health anxiety).  It will all work out.   x

  • Thank you! I appreciate it!😊

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