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help please

I have realized that i have severe health anxiety along with gad ive had anxiety for a long time now but i try to get past the health anxiety i have been to the drs and blood test and other things i keep having a shooting pain in my neck that comes and goes so that freaks me out last night i was talking to my mom on the phone and i was laying down laughing so hard then all of a sudden i had a pain where i believed to be where my gallbladder is it didnt hurt that bad just an uncomfortable feeling then i think i kept focusing on it and it was getting worse and it would move around to different parts of my stomach i dont know if it was just gas or something i took rolaids and tylenol and i finally fell asleep around 5am and i wake up today feeling better but i feel that pain is going to come back idk if im focusing too much on it and thats why or idk anybody have a similiar experience with any of this please put my mind at ease

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Hi there!  I find that if I focus on my bod or illnesses, I can talk myself into a freak out and major pains... Which triggers stress and anxiety more.

It's taken alot of time and practice over the last year to ease a lifetime (28) years of serious anxiety.. I'm 51 w  a lot of illnesses plus a rape and domestic violence survivor, so I get all that fun crap with that too.

I tell you this to say.... With talk therapy, yoga, mindfulness meditation, baths, a new tempurpedic, and various injections that didn't work, some meds that did, some family and friends that support and others who don't

I finally found that stress is the only thing that ramps up this crap.and I .. ME I have control over what stressors I allow around me

No mean people anymore

No clutter in my house

Comfy bed. Sleep is essential!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat right, or at least eat.  Cigs and coffee don't work

Water! 8 oz first thing starts day, then oatmeal for energy

Yoga to stretch the fibromyalgia


Helping others makes me grateful to be alive

Do something fun every week

If my mom or husband start stirring the pot, I cut the call short immediately

I can actually feel my neck start tensing...

I did get cortisone in the neck at first to loosen up BC it was so bad.  Dr could barely do shot as muscles were so tight.  I don't want to live like that

Unburden honey. I worked thru the PTSD somewhat... You can do this! You are still laughing.


thank u  i really do love this site its the best thing i have found to help along with my mother i have been suffering with this for about 4 years now

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Wow.. I don't know how long I've had it, just got formal diagnosis last year, but sure had rough time for years

You go girl... We keep on keeping on. What else is there?  I finally got 14 hours of straight sleep and feel great. What a difference in moods eh?  

For me, the psych and therPy help immensely

Peace to all


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