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Can your hormone levels effect your anxiety levels and symptoms ?

Hi I've been suffering from anxiety... depression for some years now but I'm wondering if my age is making me worse I'm 41 now.. anyone looked into hormone levels and anxiety? I think I'm going nuts and that every pain is terminal every car trip will end in a fatality and can't stop thinking the worst in everything i didn't used to be like this!

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Hi Spells

Good question you ask & people will have different views on if it does or doesnt

Me personally I am now 50 & going through the change & like you have suffered years with anxiety & feel I have got worse over the last 5 years

I have read that some women do feel more anxious , during this time

I understand how you feel about health anxiety , as I suffer to , but again this has been on going with me

Have you been to your GP & asked if there is anything they can give you , maybe you are already taking something ?

If you feel its hormones , have you asked them to do a blood test , they dont always come back positive , but can show if your hormones are un balanced

Maybe you have already , just suggestions that if not you might want to try

No matter though for me if hormones are adding to my anxiety or not , I have always suffered , so its about learning to change my way of thinking , its not easy , i no , but keep coming on here & saying how you feel , it helps to talk to people that understand & lots of good suggestions from members all helps as well as knowing you are not on your own in how you feel

Welcome hun





Mmm I definately think hormones can made anxiety worse. Not sure if they can cause it. Are you wondering whether you are menopausal? I am past it but was told before by a nurse that it doesn't cause more problems but can make existing ones worse. I found tally hat to be true. You do sound a bit young to be going through the change. Have you had any more symptons? At 40 I suddenly realised my periods for the last 6 months had been irregular. I went to see doctor and he did a blood test. He said I was pre-menopausal. I actually started at 42 with a huge hot flush. I did eventually go on HRT which was a lifesaver.

Bev x


Hi love funny i was reading on peri menopause which some suggested on here to me and the symptoms listed was night sweats headaches nausea insomnia loads and also anxiety and panic attacks i am 37 and it said these can start late 30's early 40's there is a test you can do which i may try to see if it puts my mind at rest i suppose its the just knowing what causes it sometimes although anxiety can be caused for many many reasons love caffiene thyroids smoking drinking i suppose its just trial and error or just accepting and deeling let me know how you go and have a read on it xxxx


Just before my period was due if something happened that was unsettling it often used to trigger the anxiety. Will be 40 next week and the last 3-4 months my periods have been a little irratic as before it was always 28 days, this week I felt anxious as as I was afew days late. Such a relief when I started as I was imagining alsorts but now my anxiety is quite bad again so I'm back to the hard work of fighting it after having had two good weeks. I thought it might be my age but thought it was a little early so nice to read that this may be the reason.


Hi I'm new to the site and would just like to say how nice it is to hear that I am not the only one with this terrible thing called anxiety! I have been anxious off and on for many years, also my health anxiety and fear of dying has made me a nervous wreck! I also found my anxiety got worse when I started my menopause which has been dragging on for years. I also have the most awful feelings of dizziness, headaches feeling out of body and depression etc etc. So yes I would say hormones play a big part in making anxiety worse!

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