Anxiety before and on bus

So basically, im 19 years old and this started a few months back, what it is, is that i get a stomich churning feeling in the morning when i am walking up the bus. This lasts while im on the bus untill i eventually get off, ive tried everything to listning to music then talking to friends and nothing has helped, ive even gone to the extent of getting off the work bus before the feeling made me nearly be sick..(both ends).. and missing work because of it, any suggestions on how i can battle this? 


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  • Hi Rvoa,  it sure sounds like severe anxiety.  Did something happen on the bus a few months ago that made you so fearful?  Maybe you don't like the fact that you are not in control of the driving.  I know I won't ride a bus or take a cab.  I need to be in control should I have an anxiety episode.   If its none of these, than doing deep breathing while on the bus will help calm your body and mind more so than talking to others.  You really need to come to terms as to what it is about that bus that starts you being anxious.    x

  • Hi there

    I'm retired now but used to have to commute every day and had very similar travel anxiety to you, be it trains or busses I hated it. I used to get really scared and have anxiety attacks about being to crammed in like a sardine with other people and their noise, the smell, the invasion of my space, the bumping about.  In the end I went for counselling and my counsellor taught me techniques for dealing with this so that I can now in any stressful situation imagine myself surrounded by a protective bubble where no one can disturb me, I sit as comfortable as possible and meditate on something good, I also found listening to calming music on my head phones helped.  Sorry I can't beam this skill across to you but know there is help with a good counsellor.

    Wishing you well


  • p.s.  I overcame it so well that I now collect model buses!!!!!!  They remind me of the good things in my life, like the places I've been, strangely they don't trigger the travel anxiety, rather taking me back to the best bits of my days in college and work.  I'm 58 and female by the way.


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