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New Here

Hi, just thought I would introduce myself.

I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and depression.  It took me years to get the right help and to be taken seriously. Thankfully last year I got a referral for group CBT, which led to one to one after, I found an amazing GP who has really helped enormously.

I have been doing a lot better but  some recent health issues have got me a bit low.  I am working with my relapse prevention plan to avoid spiralling but its tough.

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Hello & Welcome :-)

You sound like you have been really lucky getting such an understanding doctor and really pleased with all the support you have received it has helped so much :-)

Sometimes life throws things at us and we can become vulnerable again and anxiety does seem to wait on the side lines seeing if it can sneak back in but you sound like you are very aware of this and talking to others now you have found this Community will hopefully give you that reassurance you are not alone :-)

Take Care x  

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Hi .could you tell me what the relapse prevention plan is because I get relapses about every 5 months that last for 6 weeks.  So it's Hell during that time. CBT didn't work for me but it depends on the counciller.  From Lin x


The relapse prevention plan was something we worked on towards the end of the treatment period both in Group and then again when I had one to one.  It has different sections like "what have I learned", " what was most useful ", " what can I continue to do to prevent a setback ", " what are my high risk situations of this happening ", " what are the signs", "what can I do to avoid losing control", " what could I do if I did lose control ".

There is a website where a lot of the sheets and handouts the therapists use comes from getselfhelp.CO.UK. I would highly recommend it, we were encouraged to explore and use its resources.  The relapse prevention plan is titled something like maintaining progress on there.


Thanks for the info will check that site out from Lin x


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