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Feeling so stressed

I haven't been drinking enough fluids and it is making me stressed. I am hoping I don't need another ballon dialation because I was told another one could be fatal. I do not know why I am having so much trouble drinking these past few weeks.

   To add to my stress I am being ripped off by my broadband. They don't tell you the first month if you go over your limit and boy do they hit you hard if you do. I was told they would detuct £30 off my bill and they never and trying to talk to them is hard because their English is bad. Not my month cant think tidy I need to eat better as well or it back to the Doctors and I hate going there and to the Hospital. Had enough.

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Sounds like your having a tough time I'm afraid I don't have any real answers for you . But wanted you to know you were not alone 

I'm not so good with fluids I know I need to up water intake but don't really like the stuff . Now brandy and coke that's another story  .

Broadband I've just changed mine to sky so haven't had any problems yet. Was with talk talk but the signal was poor sky switch next week and knowing my luck will be no better 

Take care 


Thanks for concern I'll be ok just letting off steam I cant never drink alcohol again and I am glad because it ruined me.

  I think alot of people have been hurt financially with braodbands what I habe learnt.



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