So confusing

I was in my cbt therapy yesterday and when I first went in I didn't feel too bad, about half an hour in I felt dizzy, blurred vision, shallow breathing, the room was really bright, I thought I was could to pass out. I could hear her talking but it was like it wasn't going in, like I was spaced out, I couldn't wait for the session to be over ūüėĘ I don't no what was wrong with me, I've been feeling so worried all the time lately. I had to get my children from school today and while I was walking I had a palpitation, it felt a little painful and really scared me. Now I have a sore throat and achey, I always feel like I'm ill. Does anyone else?!

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  • Hi dizzychar,¬† I get like this everytime I attempt cbt therapy.¬†¬† The push for change¬† brings on the symptoms I so want to get rid of.¬†¬† I have phone sessions, but it's not any easier.¬† I feel myself squeezing the phone tighter and tighter with anxiety.¬† By the time the session is done, I'm filled with¬† dizziness, blurred vision and a full clouded head.

    So you are not alone in feeling like this.   x

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