Frequent chest pain but Doctors say my hearts fine?

Ok so I have chest pain almost 24/7 and ive been to the ER 3 times in the last 2 months but the doctors tell me my heart is fine and its just anxiety... Now I know I have anxiety and it does cause SOME of my pain but how can it cause all of it? Especially since most of it comes on when im not even experiencing anxiety.... does anyone else have this? Someone help me please.

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  • Hi Pizzi

    I am not a doctor but I think if you are having chest pain 24/7 by now something would have shown up & they have checked you out & given you the all clear which would be more than their job was worth to send you home if they had any doubt that even though it can be hard to believe anxiety even when you feel you are not anxious can sometimes cause this

    I know you say you get this when you are not anxious but if you are feeling the pain 24/7 I would imagine that plays on your mind so there could still be a little anxiety there even though you are not noticing it as much

    I would go & see my Doctor & explain how I was feeling & see what support they can give you

    Take Care




  • Hi pizzi :-) oh I found my anxiety mainly came on when I was at rest such as watching tv or trying to sleep, when we are stressed or anxious our muscles tense up and when we are trying to relax that's our muscles trying to cope with all the stress and tension. I had a 24 heart monitor and was told by the heart dr it's acid reflux which sounds silly I know but your gullet is behind your heart kinda and it causes chest pains ...maybe that's it? :-) if so it's easy to sort and nothing to worry about. Stress and anxiety do cause acid eeek hope you feel better.

  • evey and 1whywhy thank you so much for responding I haven't been checked for GERD maybe I should

  • I have chest pain a lot and feel short of breath. I have acid reflux. I think I have a heart condition it's hard as I've been to the hospital loads, had 5 day ecgs ect. It's so hard to accept :(

  • I am experiencing the same problems every day saw doctors had blood ekgs X-rays heart monitor but the didn't seem to find nothing

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