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I woke up this morning with the dreaded doom of a panic attack coming on. I immediately got on my computer and come to this site and feel so much better just knowing that I am not alone! It is a great feeling to know that others out there in the world know exactly what I am feeling and what it is like to live in such a scary world that we don't know one hour from the next if our panic is going to kick in and take over. I am just grateful to have you all here to talk to when I need too. :) May God bless each and every one of you!

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Hi there, hope you are feeling a bit better today!


Much better! I went to get acupuncture yesterday, and I seen a Reiki healer. It was overwhelming but it is working so far.  Hope you are doing okay.


Hey Kimberly.....I'll be on whenever I can so it's nice to meet you.  Charles


Thank you so much ActionChaz! It's very nice to meet people that understand.


Waking up with a panic attack is awful 😢 I always have a mind full of worries the moment I open my eyes, it's horrible. Hope your feeling better x

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