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Hi, I just wanted to say hello.  I am new to all this and as I have anxiety and depression, and have had it for years, I thought it would be a good step for me to connect with you all.  Any hints, tips, words of wisdom will be greatfully received.  I've been in my flat, hiding away for 2 months now.  I've done my usual thing and made it into a cave.  I'm sure you all know about that one!  I don't understand why you start to get better and more able to cope, then it comes along and hits you like a sledgehammer again.  It's exhausting.

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Hi smilertrace, this sounds like depression to me; have you tried the Action on Depression forum? They are very quiet on Sundays normally but if you do a "Search" you may be able to find some past posts that could help you.

It seems to be the nature of some depressions that you recover and feel better for a while and then it comes again; have you seen your doctor or been prescribed any anti-depressants at all? They may be worth a try. Without knowing much more about you there's not much else I can suggest except have you tried CBT to help you overcome your problems? 

Hope this helps just a little and well done for connecting. It's good to connect and is a forward step for you. You are not alone in suffering with these difficulties; you'll find hundreds of us on AOD ! :) x


Dear smilertrace, I was in a bad place a few years ago, and these things helped me.

SSRI anti-depressant in the morning and a tricyclic at night. Your GP will prescribe.

Stop drinking coffee and alcohol.

Be kind to yourself, so don't tire yourself out.

Take "baby steps" by doing easy and small tasks, and then reward yourself with self-praise and a long lie down.

Welcome contact with family and friends, but warn them that you probably won't want to talk or do anything with them.

Keep telling yourself that you will get better, but think in terms of weeks, rather than days.

Use if you feel up to reading and doing a bit of therapy.

Best Wishes, Pearwig.

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