Does anyone else find that they start hyperventilating without realizing it? and by the time you do realize it your already going into an attack? I think this may be a cause for my lightheaded and "out of body" sensations I have prior  to attack. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts is on this? Before I ever suffered chronic panic attacks I always thought hyperventilating looks like gasping for breath the way they show it on t.v. but it isn't.


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  • As I get more in tune with my body, I know and realize that phone calls make me hyperventilate within minutes.  I start getting lightheaded.  I catch myself holding my breathe at times especially going up steps.  By the time I reach the top I have to take a deep breathe and get back in sink again.   That is one of the reasons I do like using deep breathing exercises.  It is so calming and effective.  My problem is trying to use it and talk at the same time. 

  • Thanks for responding, yes I agree trying to do something like a breathing exercise when your already anxious and possibly at a public place is so difficult. I even have a tough time doing the breathing exercises at home probably because I have been chronically hyperventilating due to this anxiety for so long.

  • Oh no, no.   You need to be practicing on breathing exercises everyday, so that when  you do feel anxious or in a public place, it will come automatically.    Trying hard to deep breath is very difficult when in the throws of panic.  I use it when driving, when pushing my cart in a store, in a doctor's waiting room.  It's wonderful, because it's always there with you.   :)

  • excellent advice thanks!

  • It isn't just deep breathing which will help. There is no simple fix for long term anxiety. I know! I have it for 50 years. Self acceptance and compassion are very important because the anxiety can lead to low self esteem.

  • Yes! I am actually having it right now..... I hate it but I'm dealing with it. Short breaths. Chest kinda tight. Anxious, tingly, feeling scared, ugh. I had to take my medicine. I'm trying to reprogram my thoughts bc I've been so immediate in thinking negatively. Well all my life. So pulling the good thoughts forward is hard. But yeah I know exactly what you mean =\

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