citroplam headaches!

hi everyone, i was doing so well last week and all negative thoughts left my mind. come last monday i got a headache on left side of the top of my head which is there all day and has been there a week. mostly dull with slight pain more annoying than painful but still hurts now and again. and  have started worrying again. thinking straight away brain tumour. has anyone on this site had headache from citroplam 20mg or had headache that lasts more than a week . thank you x


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2 Replies

  • they are probably stress headache the more you worry about how you feel the more it stays with you try to relax 

  • 3 days on this med. gave me such a cracking headache I gave up (and I'm not the only one). Came to the conclusion it was just not for me. Hope you feel better soon.

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