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out of control

I have been having frequent "panic attacks" where they begin with a sudden sense that I "feel" "out of body" this morning I actually woke up with it and it was INTENSE more than usual. It was as though everything was stopping. When I say everything I mean it felt like my body was literally shutting down and I was watching it happen. Panic ensued and eventually it started to let up, but I still  don't feel back to normal. What is going on here I have a hard time believing that this is just anxiety. I don't fell in control and safe inside my own body. This happened after I woke up and last night wasn't much better. While trying to sleep I did have several panic attacks with a weird dropping feeling in my head like what you feel on a roller coaster sort of. Does anyone understand this? can anyone relate? help :(

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I have those sensations, but I'm still looking for a physiological source because I cannot believe this is all mental.


Yes, I have had the depersonalizations. I don't get them very often, but I get em.

I do know it's anxiety because one time about ten years ago I was breaking up with my long time girlfriend at the time and I felt like I wasn't in my body and it was a scary experience


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