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Hi please explain headaches or isit tumur

I keep gettin weird headaches around the same time makes my eyes feel heavy and sleepy what is this also I get a pain at the back of my head this is not when I have the headaches and when I touch where it is I have a little dint it freaks me out proper and then I get pressure in my sinuses and everything I've had a ct scan due to a rugby I jury so my brain will be fine right?

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Hello John 

Long time no see lol 

You know the other day I was in my kitchen talking to my Son & all of a sudden I looked at him and my vision went really strange and yes it took my breath away thinking what was that as I have never quiet had that before but you know then I thought well it has gone back to how it should be ignore it unless it comes and stays and when we get these things happening we have to try and think in that kind of way , I am always getting headaches , stabbing pains going through my head and migraines more often than I like where I get the vision aura , makes my face go numb as well as sometimes my fingers but again as much as I dislike them I have to be logical about it and tell myself the Doctor who knows best says I am fine well nothing sinister shall we say and I have been having these for years so if it was something more something would have happened by now just like you , you have been suffering with your vision , headaches and you have been checked , had a scan , everything is fine but your anxiety makes you panic and believe it could be something worse 

If you think you have blocked sinus issues try steaming with some Vicks and hot water that should help release any congestion if you have any otherwise I think you are fine :-)

Take Care x 


Thank you so much for always replying I realy appreciate ot I can always rely on you lol I also am passive the left side at the back of my head if bigger than my right is this normal please?x


Hi John wondered where you had gone lol

Do you no anything we have two of like feet , hands , ears and so on one is always slightly larger and do you know the 2 things that never stop growing no matter how old you are is your nose and your ears !

Now I have told you that useless bit of info we don't have two parts to the back of our heads but having said that if you feel at most things we have one side can always seem slightly different to another so I really would not worry you are fine :-)

How is your Daughter , I bet she is growing fast , is she crawling now or maybe she is walking , she should be getting to a stage where she is keeping you busy :-) x


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