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Worried something is seriously wrong

I keep getting colds then once its gone I feel I have mucus in my chest cause I feel clogged up and I hack up this to get it out and its a yellow/green phlegm with 2 small streaks of blood. I had this in Jan and it was an infection and I was on antibiotics. But antibiotics makes me depressed and anxious. I'm trying to get an appointment with the doctor this afternoon but I'm so scared I have something seriously wrong. If its an infection again its so difficult for me To go on antibiotics cause I'm breastfeeding and I'm allergic to a couple of them. Since my baby was born I have had 4 lots of antibiotics so don't want to take anymore. Does it sound like something serious?

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Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby :-)

Sometimes especially when we have not long had a child it can leave us so run down and we are more prone to getting infections as well as them lingering and been slightly worse than when we are on top form 

Sounds like this infection is lingering but anxiety will always see the worse where it most likely is a case of needing some more maybe even different antibiotics to help clear it up 

I know I always feel dreadful when I am taking antibiotics not keen on them at all but if you are prescribed another course and if they make you feel of it keep in your mind these will make you better and won't be long before you will have taken them :-)

Maybe ask your Doctor if they can recommended any kind of vitamins or even a blood test to see if you are anemic at the moment with you struggling so much to get over this virus 

I hope you feel a lot better soon :-)

Take Care x 


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