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How long does it take you to calm down after a bad panic attack?

ok, so I have "panic disorder" according to my doctor. According to me, I have "episodes" where I suddenly feel as though everything stops, my body goes "numb" as in as if "i'm not even here" it is so scary and immediately triggers fight or flight. I have this horrible nausea and impending doom. It takes a long time to return to a "normal" state or at least feel like I am out of the woods. How long does it take you to calm down after a bad attack? I'm talking like a 10/10 panic attack. I get so scared I am at least going to faint although during it I first fear I am about to die. Any advice on how you cope with the bad ones would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading

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I also suffer from Panic disorder.  

It usually takes me a few days to get back to Normal after a bad bad attack... But eventually it will subside. Hope ur feeling better

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I understand how you feel hun. I use to get them so bad I thought I was going crazy, like I wasn't even in my own body. The faint feeling is just that a feeling. Try to say out loud in your mind...STOP. Take very deep slow breaths..hold them as long as you can...then slowly let it out counting to ten. This will slow down your heart. I always say a prayer over and over in my head. (Our father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name, from kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.) This helps me. My panic attacks last around 20 mins. If you need anything just get on here and talk about it...that helps too. Hang in are in my thoughts.


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