Good evening everyone, today I was told I had globus sensation after having tube up my nose aNd into my throat, I've suffered over 3 month with this awful feeling of not been able to swallow saliva properly, It all started days after I had a thyroid biopsy obviously the stress brought it on,any advice on how to deal with it or how to cure it would be greatly appreciated tia x


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  • Hello

    I bet you feel relief now that you know it is nothing sinister and yes I think the stress of the other procedure could have brought it on 

    I have been suffering from the same kind of feeling as well as having indigestion in my throat only , nearly been driving me mad , my Doctor has said she believes I am suffering from the same thing and she did say there is nothing you can do about it but if I wanted I could be tested because normally once people know that is what it is they find it starts to go away , not sure if this is true or not and sorry I cannot be more helpful but will be interested to see if any other members have some advice on this one as I shall be curious to :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi Leanne I have had this for 4 weeks, I thought it was omoprazole that caused it so I came off them for which they were prescribed for acid reflux, I am taking gaviscon now and seems to work, but this swallowing is doing my nut in, I do get anxiety and numerous other things all related to peri menopause and was told that this is probably yet another sympton that us poor wladies have to go through, I am managing with everything else, just!!!!! But this is doing my nut. Xx

  • I have just been online and there are exercises that you can do for your throat so I'm gonna give it a go. X

  • Thank you ladies much appreciated, I'm BBC gargling with Apple cider vinegar daily as well as drinking it as I've been told it's supposed to help,fingers crossed it does,ooh what exercise hunni xx 

  • Put in Google physio for globus sensation, there's loads, I started them and they seem to be helping, the best one is , sit down look up to the ceiling and protrude your lips so it stretches your throat, it certainly is helping me, hope it helps you too flower, good luck xx

  • Thank you so much hunni I'm going to look it up now, how long have you been doing the exercise to notice a difference, definitely giving this a go, thank you and good luck to you too xx

  • You are more than welcome, I have been doing it for a few days that's all, but I can feel a difference already. I try to do it every couple of hours xx

  • I've been trying this since yesterday as often as I can as well as gargling apple cider vinegar and water will keep you updated on any changes, glad to hear it's working for you hunni xx 

  • It did eventually pass off and I swear it's all hormone related, had so much more going on after that but deal with it 1 at a time. Hope you are well flower and yours sorted itself out too xxx

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