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Happy Easter Everyone🐰🐰 

So every time I get up to do anything, I have the spaghetti legs and my heart will start to race. Does anyone else experience this or not? It makes me scared to get up to do anything. I haven't been in my kitchen all week long. My mom or husband has to fix my food. I was a vegan who did not get much nutrition. I was always short of Vitamin D or Potassium. I'm trying to eat protein now because I feel like my heart has been affected by my lack of. This has my anxiety on HIGH!!!! 


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  • Hi Sherelle.....I totally feel for you, I suffer from health aniexty, an get so stressed over the slightest thing, it consumes my life, I to have that can't be bothered attitude, but I have to muster on I have no-one to help me, my husband works nights, and my mum passed away 7years ago, but the show must go on, I've got two great kids to look after, so when your spaghetti legs start to tremble take it slow, and calm yourself down, maybe your do need a vitamin boost, I take a vitamin everyday, and eat lots of fruit, it helps the immune system...... Take care

  • Hi Sherelle,  Happy Easter to you too!   If you are low on Potassium

    it will cause you to have some heart racing.  Try eating some dates,

    bananas or drinking V8 vegetable juice it's  very high in potassium. 

    You should start feeling better after that.  Sipping some Gatorade

    will help as well.    Hope you feel better soon. 

  • Thanks Agora1

  • I get this too hun I'm low on vitamin D also,  my heart races when I try to do things,  stand up,  walk, move quickly it's awful because it limits everything you do 😢 I know how you feel and hope you feel better soon maybe beta blockers could work for you it will lower you're heart rate 

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