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Can't cope

So early Feb my anexity went really down hill I didn't eat, felt sick all the time was really spaced out and dizzy and had bad de realisation. I went for a meal for my 25th birthday and I had to leave the restaurant because I just freaked out I went into my own zone my arms tingled and I thought I was going to drop down dead. Since then I have felt a bit better and put some weight on and started eating again, still getting the odd bit of derelisation which feels awful like your in a dream or like you don't know where you are but you do just everything looks different. Anyway so I was on the up and didn't have a constant nag of thinking what if there is something wrong with me, what if I die and I didn't even go to sleep as I was afraid of dying. So to cut a long story short I felt better and then last night I was in bed and I thought I would feel my boobs, as it is nearly time of the month they are very lumpy but I found one that seemed more prominent well that was it for me i have had the worst day ever. No apetite, felt so sick, thinking about cancer, thinking I don't want to die at 25, if I am not worrying about one thing it's another I'm so fed up 

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I know exactly how you feel !! This is ME. Try and hang in there is all we can do ? I've recently started meditating / stretching which makes me feel better. . I constantly feel like my heart is going to stop beating or if I'm going to get a heart attack / stroke . I'm only 23 and heart disease doesn't run in my family . I'm currently seeing a cardiologist (which has been bouncing off he walls even more) I don't get my results until April 8th and it is terrifying !!! Try meditating and yoga. Relieves my symptoms for a bit . But definitely considering doing some sort of therapy. I've been this way for the past 2 months going on 3 mid April . It's constant day and night . I have a little girl that's 3 so all I think about is "I don't want to die young she needs me her dads a piece of shit , she'll grow up to be a broken girl" it's very hard . I hope we get through this ! Head up 

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