Hello I've been suffering from anxiety for two years it's just taking over my life I cry everyday the anxiety makes me feel like something is wrong with my heart and breathing I've gone to the hospital more then 50 times they have done ekg blood work cat scan etc and everything is good I just can't take it anymore I don't spend anytime with my kids or husband cause everything gives me anxiety please help me I just want to live a normal life 😢😢😢


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  • Hello. I'm suffering for anxiety for a year now. It's pretty much terrible. I'm constantly experiencing very realistic symptoms that seem like I have some kind of a serious illness, which in reality is just anxiety. I have done a few blood tests, and they were good. So look.

    First you have checked your blood, and not only once and its okay which means you REALLY are okay. It's JUST your brain causing this. You are not ill. You brain is preoccupied with these thoughts, which makes you feel these symptoms, but in reality as i said you ARE OKAY. Secondly, are this is the most important, you are not alone. I suffer from this too, and many many others do. So we know what you feel like. We experience the exact same symptoms, the same thoughts. It's the thoughts that bring us down. That's why when you are having these thoughts, just remember what i said earlier! You are okay, and you are not alone experiencing this.

    I hope this is going to help you. Good luck xx

  • Thanks mittensque I now know I'm not alone I'm glad I found this site

  • Oh my I know exactly how you feel! I have gone to er several times and had all test ran as well. I cant even go out and have a good time because the anxiety kicks in with everything I do. Why wont this just go away? I don't know what else to do either. I try everything but I have an extremely hard time breathing and fast heart rate a lot. I'm normally scared to death. I try to hide it from everyone and its so hard. Nobody understand what I am dealing with. I pray you find a solution :/

  • Hi there! Are you taking any medication?? If you aren't, maybe you should consider asking your dr to give you something to help you. You don't have to think of it as a permanent thing...but a 'just for now' thing to help you through the rough times. Best wishes to you and take good care. Hugs.


  • hi there sorry to hear how you are suffering from anxiety ! you are definatley not alone a lot of people suffer from anxiety ! have you asked for a second opinion it might be worth it have you been to councilling this may help you ! are you taking medication for anxiety ? take care and i wish you well david

  • Yeah I'm going to therapy and I take Ativan

  • Thanks and I am taking Ativan already and it helps me but some days I try to not drink it and that's when my anxiety gets worse

  • I too been in out of ER, blood work, stress test, angiogram to check for clots. Everything is clean and clear. I have had over 65 days of halter and event monitoring. All same clean and clear. Even with all that I still get feelings like something is wrong. My Cardiologist says its anxiety. I tell him I have symptoms first ,That cause the anxiety.

    He tells me it's all mental that everything in terms of my heart is fine. So he told me to go for a walk when ever I feel the anxiety. According to him its a cycle of nervous energy that is not being released so the mind releases it through fear and anxiety. I was told to watch what I eat. Stay away from complex carbs. Stay away from coffee and alcohol. Exercise regularly. 30 - 40 min walk is all it takes 4-5 times per week.

    He advised me to take meds to help.

    I'm a PHARMA rep and I am very cautious as to what I take. I recommend not taking anything that can be habit forming or addictive. Stay away from drugs that can have more serious side effects than symptoms you are dealing with.

    I don't want to sound like I know much of anything. I just know that I feel the same as many of you who read this. Many of your thoughts and feelings have helped me. So without sounding selfish as I write this out and read my own words it's in a way helping me take control back. Call it admitting or accepting the anxiety. I think knowing what it is that --- I --- you ---we feel and understanding what it is and what causes it, is the best medicine.

    Best wishes

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