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Burning up

So over the past couple of days I've been feeling really rough. I've been feeling sick (acidy) been feeling like my face is on fire yet everyone feels my head and says I don't feel hot. Been feeling achy and like my skin feels sore to touch. It comes and it goes, I felt like it a few days back then it seemed to ease but not its back. 

Does anyone know what it could be?

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I get the same feeling in my face and front of my neck.  You describe it as

acidy feeling, I call it a peppermint feeling.  I do not feel hot either.  I am aching

all over and it hurts to touch my face.  It feels like a soreness of the skin.

I feel what causes it is the intense muscle tightness.  Tonight my head feels

full as well as tight.   I can barely move my neck and shoulders.  What helps me

is a Tylenol, cup of hot decaf drink and  a microwavable shoulder/neck wrap.

I can feel the pressure subsiding.  I hope this helps you.  Wish you well..


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