Am I in the wrong?

So after my last post I found all your replies really helpful and would appreciate your advise now. This weekend me and my girlfriends planned to have dinner and drinks. The plan was to stay in the town we had dinner in and just have a chilled one as we Wernt up for a big night out after a hectic week. The night went on and I found myself trying tired and wanting to go to bed lol but I wasn't going to bail. However plans changed and I didn't want to go onto a certain place as I get slightly anxious... I said girls I don't want to go, yet they insisted on going still. I carried on, got in the taxi with them yet I was called boring and made to feel so small, I felt my chest getting tight and tears filling up in my eye, I got out the taxi at the next stop, the girls were Asking what I was doing and stop being silly, I replied with I'm going home girls, I don't want to carry on to the next place. Anyway it got heated and into a argument which I hate but why did I get treated like that? They're meant to be my friends.? So today I've been quite low in mood and questioned where did I go wrong? It may sound pointless to some people but hoping you guys can give me some good advise ❤️❤️


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  • It's not pointless at all. I'd have felt the exact same and I have been in his situation before! If alcohol was involved I'm sure that didn't help things but the fact that you had explained to your friends that you didn't want to go to this certain place then I wouldn't feel like you have done anything wrong at all. If you had just left without saying anything and kicked up a fuss then you would maybe have a reason to feel bad but it doesn't sound like you did one bit! Have you spoken to your friends today? Maybe see how they're feeling about everything. Maybe things just got blown out of proportion a little bit. But if you're anything like me you'll be replaying what happened over and over again wondering if you did do something wrong! But I can say, to me, i wouldn't say you were in the wrong! Hope you feel better about things! Some people just take a little more time to understand and maybe just sitting and having a chat with everyone would make them understand a little better as to why you didn't want to go etc

  • Thankyou for your reply! Yes that's exactly what overdone today is just over think the situation. I turned my phone off today for the day and had time with my boyfriend. I just needed that space. I've spoken to them breifly but I was so upset last night and this morning I just wasn't ready to speak and explain. Seeing time tomorrow to have a chat. Thankyou Sara!❤️

  • That's good! I always just try and think of all the times that anxiety makes things seem worse than they are and they never turn out to be as bad as you think they'll be! Hope you feel better tomorrow after a good sleep aswell!

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