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Ok one day feel c@#p the next

Does anyone else have this I feel ok when I get up when it's time for work I feel horrible shaking heads every were the next day I feel fine been on citolpram 20mg since October but been advised to up my medication to 30 mg due to keeping a secret for my family for 40 years and it's all flooding back to me now I don't know if it was right to spill it out its made me worse man I'm in a mess please let me feel normal

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When you first get up you are no doubt feeling relaxed or more relaxed than usual

Have you got a problem with your job , do you enjoy going to work ?

If you do not enjoy your job then this could be why this happens or if you are ok with your job it could just be the fact that by the time it is time to go to work you have had chance to start thinking and you just happen to start getting anxious round that time of the day ( if this makes any sense )

Sounds like you have things to deal with and been in a position of keeping a secret for your family when obviously it was something that was not right or I am presuming that may be the case was very unfair that you had or felt you had to do so but now you have done the right thing letting it all out and with support which you sound you are now getting you will be able to come to terms with everything and move forward , give it time and be kind to yourself :-)

Take Care x


Markrobo, sometimes we have to feel worse before getting better. As bad as you feel now, continuing living with a secret would have weighed on you for the rest of your life. You took the first step in clearing the air. Forty years is a long time and you can't expect to feel normal until you have worked everything out. I wish you luck with continuing therapy.


Thank you


markrobo, hang in there. If there is someway the group can help

support you with please let us know. Take care.


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