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Hello know this is nothing to do with anxiety but yesterday I was playfighting with my mate and I got slammed on the floor and my shoulder dislocated after moving it around abit it popped back in and I could move it fully again but obviously it hurt abit when I do so I'm to scared to get an X-ray cause I feel at surgery and I fear being put to sleep but I can move it properly it just hurts and it's tender when moving it think I'm just gonna let it heal and see how it gets but it is worrying me as I am chief panicked my question is it can't be dislocated anymore if I can move it fine surely?

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My opinion is that it can't be dislocated by normal activities. That doesn't include "play fighting".

Do you think you and your partner need to discuss some ground rules to your play fighting? Dislocating a shoulder is pretty extreme for playing. There is more than playing going on here, don't you think?


No it was a play fight where first to 3 to put the other person on the floor similar to wrestling just boys being boys


Okay. Hopefully no more dislocated body parts! :)

Or I might become MRS. Worry!

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