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Tory Disability benefit cuts

I am now worried sick about having my benefits slashed because Osborne thinks it is right. What he is doing is taking off the needy and giving Tax breaks to the already wealthy. I didn't ask to be sick with all these illnesses I have and the thought of living on nothing is to worrying. I know I couldn't cope. So many are against Osbornes cuts even his own party members so hopefully he will back down. There are people threatening suicide already. So hopefully Osborne will have to do another U turn. My anxiety levels are through the roof right now.

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Dodo, it is a lot to worry about on top of all your other problems.

What are you doing to help with the high anxiety right now?

Would it help talking with your nurse? Reach out during this

stressful time so you don't slide back too far. Hope the situation

turns around soon so others don't take drastic measures. My

prayers are with you. Wishing you a good outcome.


Hi Agora I meditated for 20 minutes lastnight and feel better anxiety wise ut now my physical health isnt right because i haven't eaten or drank because of this achalasia i got to wait for the ant acids to fix the lining of my esophagus so I am a bit dehydrated.

How are you today and have you been in contact with your daughter i pray she is ok . I blame todays media and the modeling world for your daughters disease. So sad. Meep in touch. Dodo.


I'm okay. I am so glad that the meditation help last night. I did it as well and also every morning before I get out of bed. I'm sorry you suffer from achalasia, it must be so difficult to be hungry and thirsty and yet not able to have anything. My daughter should be coming over tomorrow and staying a couple days so I can take her for her blood test on Monday. On Tuesday a nurse is coming to the house from her insurance. I hope you and your son stay well. Take care....


I hope her insurance covers the cost its so different over here. Yes this Achalasia is a kind of torture i used to love my food and cooking but now its all soft foods and pain plus the being sick on a daily basis. So many are suffering on face book there are thousands and it supposed to be a rare condition. Hope all goes well with your daughter try not to worry to much. Keep in touch. Dodo.


When my sphincter closed up completely thee doctor's put a tube in me to feed me a white substance. Couldn't the Doctor's do the same for your daughter to keep her in vital nutrition.


They could. A feeding tube. The thing is to get her in the hospital. Last time she was in a couple years ago, she took off and they found her in the parking lot. She is so afraid of hospitalization.


Sorry to hear that. So many are like your daughter its frightening. How are you today ? I have been sick all night. I think its the peanut butter I ate now cant keep nothing down not even water.


Oh I'm so sorry. I would think peanut butter is hard to go down. You must have been so hungry. It sounds terrible not even to keep down water. Have you had peanut butter before and had this happen. I know you said you weren't feeling good yesterday. I wish you well. Sending my wishes across the miles..


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